Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy Mini Chocolate Sandwiches

I cannot believe this amazing find! I try not to eat too much sugar to prevent my skin from breaking out but every once in a while this vegan gets a serious craving for chocolate ice cream. Normally, when cravings hit I grab a carton of Trader Joe’s coconut milk Chocolate Frozen Dessert, but this time I noticed a new green box in the freezer section.

Introducing, Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy Mini Chocolate Sandwiches!

soy creamy sandwich

These yummy sandwiches are only 90 calories and 2 grams of sugar each! They’re perfect when you’ve got a tiny craving for something sweet or if you’re first transitioning to veganism and are missing your favorite chocolatey desserts. 

If flavors got you concerned, these sandwiches are perfect replicas of your old favorite (Non-Vegan Mom approved!). The chocolate cookie on the outside even slightly melts on your fingers as you savor each mini-bite 🙂

The best part is the price! Vegans on a budget know that a tiny pint of ice cream can cost almost $6, but 8 of these mini-sandwiches costs only $2.99.

Have you tried them? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section!

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XO The Fearless Vegan 


Meatless Monday: Buffalo Tofu Nuggets

buffalo nuggetsPeople tend to think tofu replaces meat for a lot of vegetarians and vegans, but to be honest, I’ve never been too crazy about the slimy, spongey texture of tofu. Whether it’s baked, stir-fried, or steamed, I’ve never been satisfied by a tofu recipe – until now.

Freezing tofu removes the excess water, making the tofu chewier and better for soaking up marinades. I made delicious Buffalo Tofu Nuggets for dinner tonight and was so excited when I bit into the first one and discovered a firm, chewy texture.

Serve these nuggets with “Nacho Nooch” fries or on top of salad. Happy Meatless Monday!

Buffalo Tofu Nuggets

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#veganproblems: Vitamin B-12

vitamin-b-12I’m a vegan for health reasons. I believe a plant-based diet is the key to a healthy and vibrant life.

If you eat a well-balanced vegan diet, you’re definitely getting all of the nutrients your body needs. Despite common misconceptions, most vegans can get enough protein, iron, and calcium by eating a variety of veggies each week.

So why are vegans always freaking out about B-12?

B-12 comes from bacteria and promotes healthy red blood cells and a healthy nervous system. When animals eat this bacteria, they become a source of the vitamin. Even though many vegans choose to take a B-12 supplement, you can ensure you maintain enough in your diet by regularly incorporating any one of these vegan sources:

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Super Food Profile: Quinoa

quinoa-seedsGoing vegan has introduced me to countless new foods, grains, and spices but none have thrilled me like quinoa!

Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah”) is an amazing, power-packed grain. The Inca’s considered it to be sacred and “the mother of all grains” for it’s nutritional value and golden color.

What makes quinoa so awesome?

  • It’s a complete protein. Quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids.
  • It’s gluten free! 🙂
  • It contains 2x as much fiber and calcium as most other grains.
  • It is rich in antioxidants. Quinoa contains several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients to promote tissue repair, and fight off disease and infection.

To serve quinoa as a side (as you would rice or cous-cous), mix 1 cup quinoa, 2 cups water, and 1 tsp sea salt in a pot. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer for 15-18 minutes. For a more adventurous dish, try Veganomicon’s Chickpea-Quinoa Pilaf.

Enjoy! XO The Fearless Vegan

Transitional Tool: “Nacho Nooch”

noochWhen you go vegan, people will start to frequently say two things to you: “Where do you get your protein?!” and “I could never live without cheese!”

While vegans have tons of options when it comes to protein from super grains like quinoa to powerful beans like red lentils, finding a replacement for cheese can be much more difficult.

When I saw the amazing documentary, Forks Over Knives,  I learned that dairy-products contain animal protein known as casein that breaks apart in our digestive system as various opiates. Since casein has been directly linked to tumor growth, the fact that it makes us feel so good and our bodies crave more and more of it presents a serious problem. Yup, forget about Oreos, cheese is one seriously dangerous drug. 

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There’s nothing to be afraid of…

photo (1)It was nearly two years ago that I watched the inspiring and informative documentary “Forks Over Knives” and decided to say goodbye to spicy chicken sandwiches and pepperoni pizza. Since switching over to a vegan lifestyle, I’ve seen amazing improvements in my overall health, kicked my coffee habit, and discovered an intense passion for cooking. I learned how to cook so I would not feel limited in my options when I transitioned, but now being in the kitchen is a creative outlet for me – I like to say, “Cooking is Art!”

It hasn’t always been easy being so green. It can be hard to give up the traditional western diet for a lifestyle that promotes wellness – especially when your friends and family aren’t hip to the cause. I struggled a lot in the beginning becoming confident about my lifestyle switch and today there are still some things that give me trouble. The end of the saying, “Cooking is art” is “and baking is science.” Science and I just never seem to get along – there’s a reason I majored in film in college – so for the past two years I’ve avoided baking.

Tonight – that changed. With some extra time to kill (and the realization that Trader Joe’s chocolate chips are accidentally vegan!) I made my first attempt at vegan chocolate chip cookies and they turned out amazing! That got me thinking about what else I’ve been afraid to do over the past two years and I realized that, even though I always wanted to, I have always talked myself out of blogging about veganism.

So here it is. Whether you’re considering veganism or just looking to try a new recipe tonight, this blog is here to show you that there is nothing to be afraid of. I’ll be posting recipes, including veganized classics and quick, easy plant-based meals, and I’ll share with you the tips and tricks I’ve learned in my vegan journey.

Be Fearless, XO The Fearless Vegan